Fifth: Red Kaolin


Big reserves of red kaolin clays are available in Iraq within the Jurassic Period Formations in the Western Desert/ Anbar Governorate. Studies and experiments proved the suitability of these clays for the industry of high-quality tiles and red brick tiles.

These reserves are not industrially utilized yet. Thus, it is a favorable opportunity for the private sector to invest in this industrial field which will introduce a new kind of construction materials to the Iraqi market.


1- Anbar Governorate


Red Kaolin clays are found in the following locations:

  • To the southwest of Al-Hussainiyat at a distance of (60) km to the northeast of Rutba City.
  • Amij location at a distance of (70) km to the east of Rutba City.

Reserve  The amount of reserves at the southwest of Al-Hussainiyat location is (50) million tons, while the amount of reserves at Amij location is (30) million tons.

Purpose For the industry of brick tiles and red tiles.


2- Anbar Governorate (Kaolin Clays for Alumina Production)

Large amounts of kaolin clays and limestone reserves (which are geologically defined) are found in the Western Desert/ Anbar Governorate. The purpose of defining these reserves is to establish a plant for the industry of alumina and clinker as by-products using Lime-Sinter Process. These products would be used for domestic and export purposes.


Location To the north of Al-Hussainiyat at Al-Hussainiyat clay deposits and limestone deposits at Wadi Swab.


  • Clay reserves reach up to (200) million tons, category C1.
  • Limestone reserves are about (500) million tons, category C2.

Purpose To produce alumina and clinker as by-products.


3- Using Ancient Clays for the Manufacturing of Red Bricks

Recent geological surveys and mineral explorations have indicated the existence of large reserves of high quality ancient clays suitable for brick industry. Accordingly, environmentally friendly plants of (100) million bricks per year production capacity could be constructed.



The clay reserves can be found in the following locations:

  • At Zurbatiyah District/ Wasit Governorate.
  • At Hamrin Mountains to the northeast of Miqdadiyah.
  • To the northeast of Kirkuk City.


Reserve  The amount of reserves at Zurbatiyah District/ Wasit Governorate is more than (20) million tons, while the large reserves in Diyala and Kirkuk Governorates are unrecorded.

Purpose Red bricks industry.



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