Conducting inspections for Quarries and Mines

    Quarries are the presence mineral resources is on the earth’s surface and they are exploited directly by drilling or blasting for the purpose of extracting them, such as clay quarries for Brick industry and Limestone quarries for Cement industry and Gravel and Sand quarries for constructional industry.

Mines are mineral resources located under the surface of the earth, and to exploit them, holes or tunnels are opened to reach them, as in deposits of Phosphate, Sulfur and glass sand.

The representatives of Mineral Investment Department are organize the processes of granting approvals for investors in the field of mining including quarries and mines in the accordance with the applicate Mineral Investment Law and its instructions, participate in the initial and final inspection committees, the suitability of the location of the raw materials sites to be invested is examined by conducting site inspections and modeling, and then approval for investment is given , as well as confirm the overrides , and receive the quarries and mines.

The Investment Department is responsible for following up on the license and contract granted to workers in the field of mineral extraction from both Public and Private sectors and collecting the amounts that related to the quarries investment and overrides.


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Services fees and investment allowances


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