Information Department

The Department carries out the following duties:


1- Collecting and numbering of maps and information prepared by GEOSURV departments, besides documenting, processing and saving this data using the computer and according to the international geographical  information system; thus the data can be saved, recovered and circulated in the required format.

2-To work towards establishing, operating and managing the national network of mineral and geological information.

3- To work on interpreting and processing of digital geological data produced by GEOSURV.

4- To manage the mineral and geological information networks, besides offering the technical support and computer maintenance for all GEOSURV departments.

5- To produce, analyse and manage the mineral and geological digital data related to GEOSURV activities.

6- To stimulate marketing activity of geological maps and information.

7- To document GEOSURV scientific output and to publish the geological and engineering researches in the field of specialization.


The Department performs its duties through the following divisions:


Geographical Information System Division.

Networks and Computer Maintenance Division.

The Library. 

Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining

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