GEOSURV performs the following tasks and activities:


1- Performing geological surveys and mineral explorations besides performing geophysical, geochemical, geological engineering, hydrogeological and land use studies for the public, mixed, private and cooperative sectors and for public use according to strategic plans and annual programs.


2- To document the geological, mineral, hydrogeological, geophysical and geochemical data about the Republic of Iraq which GEOSURV acquires from executing its projects or can get from reliable scientific resources, besides keeping up and updating the national network for geological and mineral information and turns it into a scientific reference for the State, planning authorities and mineral investment activity.


3- Propagating for mineral investment and mining industry in Iraq through demonstrating and circulating information about mineral resources.


4- Running workshops in order to keep up and develop its specialized cadre to raise personal abilities and increase the exchange of experiences with the public and private sectors.


5- To carry out laboratory analyses and tests in the field of GEOSURV specialization to enhance its projects and the scientific services which it offers to others, and to work on developing and upgrading its apparatuses in order to become reference laboratories for the State in the field of specialization.


6- To apply the scientific approach in developing and upgrading the characteristics of Iraqi industrial rocks and mineral ores so as to match the requirements of mining industry and mineral resources usage in the industrial fields, and also through performing pioneer and laboratory experiments and researches, and to work on developing scientific approach methods in the field of processing mineral ores and industrial rocks.


7-  To support the regions and the governorates not incorporated into a region to have better understanding of their mineral resources and industrial rocks.


8- GEOSURV can carry out projects in its field of specialization outside Iraq under contract with the beneficiary or to serve the international cooperation programs approved by the Federal Government with other countries.


9- Adhering to the comprehensive quality management requirements and working continuously on developing its work procedures to keep pace with the international developments in the field of specialization.

Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining

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