The National Network of Geological and Mineral Information



GEOSURV has started the project of the national network of geological and mineral information in 2007. This project lasted for six years and it was funded from the investment plan.


Project Goal:

The project aimed at establishing a national network for geological and mineral information, and that required some executive steps as:

  1. The most important of these steps was the electronic numeration of GEOSURV data. These data have been accumulated for the last (40-50) years. The data consisted of thousands of maps, chemical and engineering analyses results and technical reports. These data represent the basis of establishing the national network. The electronic numeration was carried out using the Geographical Information System software (GIS).
  2. To accomplish the aforementioned, licensed versions of (GIS) software with all their supportive programs were provided.   
  3. Providing the required computers of special technical characteristics (compatible PCs) which were compatible with the aforementioned programs, besides providing computer accessories as printers, plotters, scanners especially for large scales.
  4.  Establishing networks and their basic requirements like slaves, networks and communication requirements and reliable internet services.
  5. Precise training of GEOSURV cadre which reached to (75) members along with its supportive staff, in addition to the advanced cadre so as to qualify them to keep up with the international progress in this field.
  6. To provide the requirements of the information center in charge of establishing the national network.
  7. Establishing a specialized remote sensing unit and providing it with all requirements.
  8. Establishing a specialized library of the Geographical Information System software (GIS) to enrich the academic knowledge and to be acquainted with the international experiences in this field.
  9. To establish a training center as a training national center of (GIS) software for GEOSURV cadre or any other Iraqi cadres.
  10. To develop GEOSURV library and transform it from the hard copy system to the digital system in all its fields (documenting, retrieving and electronic search).


Accomplished Works:

1- In 2007 (first year of the project), the numeration of electronic geological maps and the establishment of specialized databases were concluded. Basic training courses in (GIS) software were given to the working staff because most of them were not familiar with the program. In that year, the following items were accomplished:

  • Purchasing licensed programs of (GIS) software.
  • Purchasing new computers and printers.
  • Training Courses.


2- In the second year (2008), the network activities were developed to the level of spatial databases as a method to manage digital files after the increasing in their production. In this year, the following items were purchased:

  • Another set of programs and specialized extensions.
  • More computers.
  • Training courses outside Iraq.
  • Specialized (GIS) software books as a basis to establish a (GIS) specialized library.
  • A dedicated internet system for the national network.


3- In 2009 (third year of the project), a restructuring of the national network cadre was executed by establishing specialized groups and connecting them to the supporting groups in technical departments through internal networks, besides continuing the production of digital files. In this year ,the following items were purchased:

  • (GIS) servers (and for the first time in Iraq).
  • A server.
  • Expanding the library.
  • Specialized training courses in (GIS) software and remote sensing outside Iraq.


4- In this year (fourth year of the project), that year witnessed a development in file processing and analyses, 3D model files were produced and a network between divisions managers and technical departments managers were established to exchange information, besides establishing an integrated servers system .In this year the following items were purchased:

  • Obtaining specialized server extensions.
  • Obtaining higher level and licensed versions of (GIS) software.  
  • Purchasing servers and network systems.
  • Advanced training courses outside Iraq.
  • Enhancing the (GIS) software library.


5- In 2011 (fifth year of the project) and for the first time in Iraq, a specialized network of telecommunications between GEOSURV headquarters and its Regional Offices was established. Besides, entering the field of electronic mass media and starting the activities of data analyses, establishing subsurface and hydrogeological models. In this year, the following items were purchased:

  • Supplying the requirements of GEOSURV- Regional Offices network.
  • Purchasing specialized analytical programs of subsurface models.
  • Establishing a specialized training center with all its requirements.
  • Obtaining new books in the field of (GIS) software. The total number of specialized books reached to (173) books.
  • Training courses outside Iraq (it is worth to mention that the training included all GEOSURV technical personnel, besides those working in the information center).
  • Purchasing a spectrometer for remote sensing purposes.
  • Allocating a domain and obtaining server programs for communications.


6- In the sixth year (2012), the network requirements were finished and GEOSURV after accomplishing the network and becoming known in this field, began to support other governmental departments to establish (GIS) software centers, besides its distinguished role in establishing the national information center. In this year, the following items were purchased:

  • Purchasing specialized programs in the field of layout files management and a four dimensional program for mineral investment, numeration and fieldwork purposes (GEOSURV is still the only pioneer in the Country).   
  • Installing a communication tower.
  • Improving the training center to embrace more members (purchasing new PCs).
  • Completion of all PCs and printers shortages.
  • Purchasing servers for communication system purposes.
  • Specialized training course outside Iraq.
  • Purchasing licensed programs for remote sensing and also satellite data.



Accomplished Goals:

  1. Qualifying GEOSURV cadre and entering rapidly in the field of geographical information technology.
  2. Constructing a spatial database system of geological information (enormous amount of data) which is considered the first in this field whether in Iraq or in the Arab World.
  3. Developing GEOSURV work contexts and methods in dealing with informational technology, increasing the knowledge, decreasing the periods of carrying out GEOSURV projects and thus decreasing the costs.
  4. Swiftness in taking the right decisions.
  5. Promoting GEOSURV reputation in this field; thus it will be requested to help and support other governmental departments.
  6. The effective contribution in supporting the establishment of a national information center in Iraq where the national information network will be one of its basic pillars.
  7. Providing informational infrastructure as a basis for GEOSURV future activities (digital data, computers and model networks).  

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