Conducting Agricultural Inspections

Agriculture represent a special importance in human life as it is provides the basic components of his life. In the context of its contribution to the domestic product and providing job opportunities, agriculture is an important sector in term of economic and social development, especially since it is considered a practical sector in developing countries to alleviate poverty and achieve sustainable rural development.

Iraq Geological Survey considered one of the main loop of obtaining government approvals to exploit arable land. This will be done by providing a letter of no objection certificate (in the case that the area to be exploited is located outside the mineral taboo of the GEOSURV) this service provide to both public and private sector.

One of the conditions for giving a letter of no objection certificate is to bring an official letter from the competent authority. After obtaining the approvals, a drawing is issued specifying the coordinates of the area to be exploited whether it is within or without mineral taboo and an on-site inspection is conducted by a specialized committee from the Mineral Investment Department in the Iraq Geological Survey. Upon completion of the basic approvals and issuance of the no objection certificate, inspection fee allowances of 2500ID per dunam will be paid.


Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining

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