Financial and Commercial Affairs Department

The Department performs the following tasks:

1- Performing financial settlements.

2- Keeping accounting records.

3- Material management and inventory control.

4- Paying personnel salaries.

5- Preparing budget plans and balance sheets.

6- Giving the required indicators to GEOSURV managers considering costs in order to adopt the necessary decisions about them.

7- Preparing the statistical records.

8- To provide GEOSURV requirements of raw and supplementary materials, besides its requirements of devices and equipment from inside and outside Iraq.

9- To control inventory movement and supervise GEOSURV stores from both administrative and technical aspects.


The Department performs its tasks through the following divisions:

1- Decentralized Financial Accounts Division.

2- Salaries and Wages Division.

3- Investment Plan Finance Division.

4- Purchasing Division.

5- Stores Division.

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