Mineral Investigation Division

The Department undertakes the following tasks:

  1. Ensuring the good operations of mineral investment and the preservation of mineral and environmental wealth from pollution caused by mining operations through continuous tours during the period of the contract with the investor.
  2. Monitoring cases of encroachment on mineral wealth.
  3. Developing of investment activity in the fields of exploration, prospecting and extraction of minerals and industrial rocks in the Republic of Iraq by providing information and promoting mineral projects for different sectors.
  4. Preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies and environmental impact assessment studies for mining industrial projects.
  5. Supervising the offices of the Survey in the governorates.
  6. Documenting and processing data for mineral extraction activity and preparing the necessary statistical studies and maps for them.

Divisions of the Department:

*Metallurgical data division

*Follow –up investment

*IApprovals division

*Regional offices division

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