Planning and Follow up Department

The Department carries out the following tasks:

1- Preparing the annual plan in coordination with the concerned departments and following-up its implementation.

2- To prepare GEOSURV reports of product realization and performance efficiency.

3- Specifying GEOSURV requirement of personnel, equipment and devices, besides collecting, classifying, analyzing and programming information.

4- To follow-up contracts and cooperation programs with the authorities and companies of similar specialization as GEOSURV inside and outside Iraq.

5- Preparing programs to develop GEOSURV work and plans in order to reduce deviations and handle them.

6- Assumes the tasks of activating the media and marketing activity of the Geosurv and publicize its activities.


The Department performs its duties through the following divisions:

1- Planning Division.

2- Follow-up Division.

3- Statistic Division.

4- Quality Management Division.



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