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The Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining (IBGM) is a scientific journal with a broad international vision. It is recorded under the international number of ISSN 1811 – 4539. It is supervised by an editorial board that includes experts and scientists of local as well as regional standing. Papers published in the journal are refereed by well known specialists from university and industry.

The journal is issued by Iraq Geological Survey in Baghdad and its websites is: (

The Geological Survey supervises the journal's printing and distribution in Iraq and abroad. It is published quarterly on line and on paper. The language used is Arabic and English.

The Bulletin publishes original papers on any of the following geological aspects from local and regional sources:

Geophysics, Geochemistry, Sedimentation and sedimentary rocks, Environmental geology and pollution, Mining, Processing of ore minerals, Hydrogeology and groundwater, Stratigraphy and paleontology, Geomorphology, Remote sensing, Economic geology, Structural geology, Petroleum geology, Geology of ore minerals, Computer and information technology applications in earth sciences, Engineering geology and Water sources engineering.

The bulletin was awarded the Global Impact Factor in October 2015 and was 0.744 for that year. It is considered the highest among the Iraqi publications. Furthermore, the bulletin is published on line on the web site ( (www. of the Scientific and Academic Iraqi Journal, Department of Research and Development, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Any further information about the Bulletin, please use the e-mail: (;

Tel.: 7195123, P.O. Box 986, Baghdad, Iraq, Iraq Geological Survey\ Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining


Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining

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